Tony R. is blessed to be married to his best friend, his muse, and his soulmate Lori for 31 years. Their home is nestled in the beautiful countryside of Kutztown, PA where they enjoy and bond with the natural beauty which surrounds them. They are partners in life, partners in business, and partners who are eternally in love.

Tony R. Zonca

Author • Speaker • Peaceful Warrior • Reiki Master • Spiritual & Meditation Mentor

While in meditation: An energy came upon him. It was unlike anything Tony R. had previously experienced. His entire body was blanketed by a powerful force. He strove to maintain the bond for as long as possible. Soon after, he found himself suddenly overwhelmed; his body lunged like a jackknife. He gasped for air as one might do when holding their breath after staying under water for too long. Before realizing it, he was bent at the knees and sitting upright; and his meditation session ended abruptly.
The following day Tony was better prepared: this time he heard a voice, “My dear brother, I am the one you call Jesus. We have been with you throughout your lifetime—assisting and guiding you. When you were a young boy dying, We were there to protect you. When you became lost, We were there to redirect you. In darkness and in joy, We’ve always been there.”
. . . their communion continued and eventually ceased: Tony wept from a profound sense of humility and bliss. The next age of the “new age,” a spiritual uprising, and a spiritual renaissance is about to begin!

Tony is a Speaker

The truth be known, Tony R. is dyslexic. He considers overcoming the challenges of dyslexia a victory when becoming an author. “We are truly only limited by the limitations we place upon ourselves.”

The first thirty years of his professional career were in advertising and as a business owner—writing a book was quite unexpected. Touched by the Hand of God through visitations from Jesus, he’s been Divinely chosen and directed on this path. “It is my journey, one that could not be ignored or denied. Every moment of my life has brought me to this very moment—introducing you to myself, my story, and my message, His message.”
— Tony R.

Spirituality plays a vital role in finding meaning and purpose in oneself. Tony R. inspires people of all ages through candor and truth sharing his experiences of near death, drug abuse, and loss in life—discovering love, faith and God on the other side.

As a spirituality speaker, Tony R. brings passion and meaning to all audiences; sharing his message that is directed by Jesus to inspire meaning, love, and joy in their lives. Tony R. always designs his presentation to meet the specific needs of the particular audience he addresses, using humor, and compelling storytelling to describe a philosophy of life assured to bring faith and hope to those who practice it.

Tony is a Reiki Energy Healer

As a peaceful warrior, Tony R. battles for peace and harmony for all. He wields love, kindness, truth, and compassion as his weaponry, while patience, faith, and gratitude become his sturdy armor.

His life challenges are no longer met with fear or anguish. Tony R. came to possess the ability to separate suffering from the equation of pain, empowering him to deal with issues directly, and once the issues are resolved, move past them and continue on—with love, peace and joy. He has become a witness to life by embracing the perspective, “It’s not real, only my reaction to it is real.”

Tony R. has been blessed with a sacred Reiki linage. He is a third generation master of Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American who was instrumental in introducing the spiritual practice of Reiki to the Western World. Mrs. Takata was trained in Reiki by Chujiro Hayashi in Tokyo, Japan and became the first woman Master Practitioner by 1940.

As a practitioner, Tony R. upholds his Reiki heritage and combines it with the power of Divine Energy Channeling. The combination makes for a unique mind, body, and spirit experience. He lovingly offers Level I, II, and III classes and individual healing sessions.

An experienced and trusted adviser, Tony R. offers and lovingly shares his wisdom to all who seek truth. Spirituality often has to do with religion, but it doesn’t have to. You might say, “I’m not religious; but I have a strong sense of spirituality,” which might mean that you practice meditation, or pray, or you uplift your spirit by spending time in nature. Tony R. looks to nurture and assist you in your journey to “discover” who you truly are and your ultimate purpose for being—to uncover, to rediscover your Divine path in God’s universe and in His/Their world.

Meditation provides harmony, balance and peace. It is a way to relax and train the mind to hold the silence between thoughts and make room for the Divine. You can stop the restlessness of your thoughts by focusing your attention on whatever you’re experiencing in the now. Reaching this point empowers you to connect with the Creator, Higher Power, God, Force, angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side. Tony R. combines his vast years of experience, and the directives and inspiration he receives from Jesus and his angel guides and spirit guides to aid you to advance on your spiritual journey. He offers mentoring and training through group classes or with a customized, individual one-on-one class to bring joy, love, peace and purpose to your everyday life.

Tony R. offers SOUL-utions to lovingly support you in your journey. His goal, his mission is to empower all on their pathway to enlightenment, to living in the light of God, and becoming a peaceful warrior. Tony R. is here for you, to extend a helping hand and caring heart, to empower all to find the peace, joy and love that God wishes for you. Join me and discover your higher purpose, your Divine purpose. Together we can make the world a better place.

Love, Light & Peace Always,
Tony R. Zonca

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