Control Your Thoughts, Not Your Creativity.

“You are what you think.” This philosophy has been stated numerous times, by numerous people, in a multitude of ways. Simply believing that change is possible makes change possible . . .

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”
— Buddha

But what is the reason and more importantly the spiritual significance of this phenomenon? Why does your mind, your thoughts hold so much influence and power over your life, development and success? Why does your perception of life become your reality of life? Perception acts as a lens through which you view reality. Your perceptions influence how you focus on, process, remember, interpret, understand, decide, and act on reality. In doing so, you may assume that how you perceive reality is an accurate representation of what reality truly is. But then if my reality differs from your reality—what is real, what is reality?

That right there is at the core of all of these questions? What is reality?

To answer this, we cannot begin with who we are here within the human experience, we must place our attention to our true self. We need to place our focus on who we are on the other side, for this is our true “home” and our true existence.

On the other side, you are not a divided being as you are here. As a human you are conflicted, separated and compartmentalized. There is the mind, the ego, the self and the soul, all simultaneously competing for a say, representation and dominance.

As a celestial being, your mind (thoughts), heart (desires) and soul (self) are united harmoniously as one singular flow of consciousness. In heaven, your home . . . there are no limitations. You come from and will return to heaven where all is known by all, and your thoughts instantly create your personal reality. This is the flow of creativity, manifesting the existence and perception you desire. If you desire the appearance of a human body, then it is so. If you prefer to express yourself as a being of pure energy, then it is so. There is no limitation or even the existence of time and space. You can observe all in time, forwards and backwards. There are no barriers to obstruct you. In this creative, free forming flow of existence your perception is instantaneously your reality.

This in many ways parallels our human existence, what you think you become; you experience and manifest in your life. This is why it is important to control what you think.

Do not stifle your creative thinking. For this is your inner spirit expressing its Divinity—to be the creator. There is one significant difference. Here many are obscured from the energy and flow of the Divine. As your “awakening” begins, so does the flow of the Divine artistry within. You’ll begin to creatively express and perceive Divine reality within your earthly reality. This is where the true magic of life begins. It only continues to blossom from there—to become the creative creator of your life and the world around you. The inner competition ceases, now unified in the creation of your personal Nirvana.

Mind your thoughts while you mine your creativity.



Love And The Source Of Anger

There are those who discover they can leave behind destructive reactions and become patient as the earth, unmoved by fires of anger or fear, unshaken as a pillar, unperturbed as a clear and quiet pool.
— Gautama Buddha

All anger is rooted in fear. There are only five root sources of this fear:
•  The fear that I let you down or I am letting you down, which fosters feelings of guilt that must be denied.
•  The fear that you let me down or you are letting me down, creating feelings of abandonment or disappointment, which lead to feelings of unworthiness and woundedness.
•  The fear of humiliation through inappropriate actions, which prompts one person to deny the action or shift the focus and blame to another person.
• The fear that results from utter frustration, which creates a feeling of helplessness and a lack of control. Anger replaces a call for help.
• The final source of anger is rooted in ignorance that leads to fear. Whatever one does not understand makes one’s ego feel insecure and frightened; therefore, one must fear.

We witness the display of anger in four forms:
• The yeller and screamer (like Lauren and Ray) who gets in your face and totally loses their composure.
• The person who makes snide remarks in a passive-aggressive manner and makes their feelings known but avoids addressing the situation directly, leaving that up to you.
•  The needler who disapprovingly picks, picks, picks relentlessly. This person never addresses you personally, which causes feelings of resentment because it leaves you clueless about the base problem.
•  The run-away who can’t face you at all. This person avoids you or shuns you; the run-away will never address you and will leave you unaware about why, or even if, they are upset.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
— Proverbs 15:1 (ESV)

Many people will employ more than one of these techniques, depending on the situation, the level of animosity, and the particular individual with whom they are upset or feel hurt by. Yes, anger can hurt the recipient. More importantly, there is an even greater amount of harm and self-inflicted pain for the person who carries or emits anger toward others. It is toxic to their soul.

Whether the feeling of anger is rising up in you or is being directed at you, you can now control it. Realizing the source of anger gives you the ability to have strength through understanding, compassion, and patience in the face of anger. Recognize that there are only two true emotions: love and fear. Yes, fear, not hate—hate, like anger, is a byproduct of fear.

You can now identify the various expressions of anger. This gives you the ability to recognize it in all of its true forms. You are now provided with the tools to avoid the trappings and pitfalls of anger. You no longer need to lower yourself to its level. Instead, you can rise above it because you possess the power to respond with purpose and truth.

People may ask, “Why should I have to be the bigger person? Why should I have to rise above it?” The answer is simple: because you are not doing this for the other person; you are doing this wholly for yourself. You are doing it to improve your life, increase your enjoyment, and ensure that happiness and harmony are yours. If it has a similar effect on the other individual, wonderful—call it a bonus. This is an act that genuinely comprises the five tenants—love, kindness, patience, truth, and compassion. Make no mistake about it—the shedding of anger in your life is one of the most wondrous gifts you can give yourself.

A Shortened Excerpt from:
The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior
by Tony R. Zonca

Learning How to Pray — With Power

Prayer is a powerful method of bettering one’s life and connecting with the Divine. Through prayer you are empowering the Heavens to bring your desires and needs to fruition. Simply through the act of prayer, you provide tranquility and harmony to your day. Over time, you will develop a personal relationship with those to whom you pray. The mindful thought of prayer has similar effects as meditations. Your thoughts are centered and focused on a singular subject or area. You are mindful and removed from distractions, living in the moment with a singular focus.

Don’t pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.
— Gautama Buddha

Talk to God as you would talk to a friend, for that is what He wishes to be. Pray at any moment of the day or night. While you are taking your morning shower, walking the dog, or washing the dishes are all perfect opportunities for prayer. Don’t limit your prayer times to iconic times of the day such as when you awake or before sleep. When possible, pray out loud. Your voice has power. Let the Heavens hear your voice.
Being unhappy in your present job, being mistreated or simply feeling unfulfilled, are just subject for prayer. If you desire a new car, pray for a new car. God wants you to be happy and have nice things. As long as these things are not directed by the ego as a replacement for God. Your prayers must be ego free and bring no harm to others.

Praying for peace in your life, while continuing to harbor anger in your heart and mind is pointless. Praying for the strength and wisdom to release your heart and mind to overcome anger would be much more effective. Exploring the subject through prayer to find the route of the anger would be equally beneficial.
If for example, you are praying for a new job, don’t simply pray to God for a better job. First, pray for the fortitude and endurance to continue in your present position. Not being overwhelmed by negativity of your present job will ensure you won’t miss any new prospects or avenues as they present themselves. Pray for the insight not to miss the window of opportunity, and for the drive to explore every opportunity as they are presented to you. There is a distinct difference and end result between asking God to do this for you, and for God to empower you with the tools to achieve it for yourself. After all, God helps those who help themselves.

Praying in the Correct Tense

Whatever you are praying for, do so as if it has already been provided to you. From a heavenly perspective, our prayers can easily be confused regarding exactly what we are asking for. For example, if your prayer begins with, “Please can you help me in my quest to find a better job.” From a heavenly perspective, instead of asking for assistance in finding a better job, it could be easily misinterpreted that you are asking for challenges in the pursuit of a new job and therefore that is what you will receive; challenges and obstacles to overcome. In contrast if you begin your prayer with, “Thank you for your assistance in my quest to find a better job,” the results you desire of a new found opportunity will be provided at the appropriate time.
When praying, your words and thoughts are conveyed through energy from you to the heavenly recipients. It’s not always the literal words we are saying but the overall message being communicated. That is why it is essential to pray in the tense that the requested is already going to be done for you. When starting with thank you, it accomplishes two crucial things at once. The form of the request is properly stated as “already being so,” and the necessary gratitude is simultaneously being offered.

A Shortened Excerpt form:
The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior
by Tony R. Zonca

Calling All Peaceful Warriors…

If your world, our world seems turned upside down; if the life you knew, we all knew feels like a distant memory, then have faith and rest assured—there is a reason and a point to it all. Times of great change first create great upheaval. Life on this planet is undergoing a spiritual course direction. A kinder, fully inclusive, loving path for all of our brothers and sisters is to come. This is the Divine’s desire, Jesus’ desire, and my desire. I am calling out for millions of peaceful warriors to join me in my quest. The next age of a New Age has begun, and there is a Spiritual Renaissance to come!

Tony R. offers SOUL-utions to lovingly support you in your journey. The goal, the mission is to empower all on their pathway to enlightenment, to living in the light of God, and becoming a peaceful warrior. He is here for you, to extend a helping hand, to empower all to find the peace, joy and love that God wishes for you. Join me, join Him, and discover your higher purpose, your Divine purpose. Together we can make the world a better place.

Love, Light & Peace always,
Tony R. Zonca

The Truth and the Ego

The simple truth is—the ego is the devil. The ego is the darkness in our life and in the world. The ego will take us over. It is worth repeating, verifying, it is that important. Biblically, the ego is the devil. When left unchecked, the ego will run wild. Its goal is to become stronger than you are. It wants to prevent us from being spiritually connected. The ego’s greatest fear, is not to be in control, therefor becoming irrelevant—death to the ego. Thus it will do everything in its power to remain in the forefront. To be the dominant voice. Its desire is to direct us, for it fears the alternative, which is to be directed by the Divine within you. Your God force. The ego is the counter point to the higher self.

The Bible says that the devil (in the form of a serpent) entered the garden to tempt Eve. He convinced Eve to question God’s word. The devil lied, telling her that God didn’t want Eve to
become enlightened if she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. This is the devil’s temptation to us today—that he or she, all of us, don’t need God.

The devil was cunning. Eve subdued to the temptation and took the fruit from the forbidden tree. As it was delicious she shared it with Adam. Adam in turn ate from the fruit. At that moment their lives, and that of all humanity would forever be changed.

The Bible offers us timeless spiritual knowledge. However, we are no longer the harsh and barbaric people who lived in the times of the Old Testament. Their truths now require a new and enlightened perspective. The story of Adam and Eve is an excellent narrative to explain the power and craftiness of the ego. In every instance, when replacing the words Satan and devil with the word ego, the narrative becomes logical, sensible and most important poignant. Now review the same passage with this simple adjustment.
The ego entered the garden to tempt Eve. It convinced Eve to question God’s word. The ego lied, telling her that God didn’t want Eve to become enlightened, if she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. This is the ego’s temptation to us today; that it and we do not need God.

The ego was cunning. Eve subdued to the ego’s temptation and took the fruit from the forbidden tree. As it was delicious she shared it with Adam. Adam in turn ate from the fruit. At that moment their lives, and that of all humanity would forever be changed. Their innocence was lost . . . the ego truly is the devil.

The foundation of the Buddha’s teachings lies in compassion,
and the reason for practicing the teachings is to wipe out
the persistence of ego, the number-one enemy . . .
— Dalai Lama

In time, you may even develop a feeling of empathy for the ego. It can’t help itself. It is, at its root, insecure and scared of not being needed or relevant. It may be easier to look at it from the viewpoint of putting the ego in check, helping it to learn that its existence is merely as a silent partner. It will in time learn its role as the silent protector of your physical well-being, providing a limited role in keeping you safe. And that is where the line must be drawn. There is no influence in tending to your emotional well-being. For that is where it will look to blossom and overstep its’ bounds, allowing it to become content in its greatly diminished role. Once in check, you must be forever vigilant to keep it from having a voice, not permitting any influence on your day-to-day actions and interactions with everyone around you. For if you give the devil an inch—it will take a mile.

Excerpt form:
The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior
by Tony R. Zonca