Control Your Thoughts, Not Your Creativity.

“You are what you think.” This philosophy has been stated numerous times, by numerous people, in a multitude of ways. Simply believing that change is possible makes change possible . . .

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”
— Buddha

But what is the reason and more importantly the spiritual significance of this phenomenon? Why does your mind, your thoughts hold so much influence and power over your life, development and success? Why does your perception of life become your reality of life? Perception acts as a lens through which you view reality. Your perceptions influence how you focus on, process, remember, interpret, understand, decide, and act on reality. In doing so, you may assume that how you perceive reality is an accurate representation of what reality truly is. But then if my reality differs from your reality—what is real, what is reality?

That right there is at the core of all of these questions? What is reality?

To answer this, we cannot begin with who we are here within the human experience, we must place our attention to our true self. We need to place our focus on who we are on the other side, for this is our true “home” and our true existence.

On the other side, you are not a divided being as you are here. As a human you are conflicted, separated and compartmentalized. There is the mind, the ego, the self and the soul, all simultaneously competing for a say, representation and dominance.

As a celestial being, your mind (thoughts), heart (desires) and soul (self) are united harmoniously as one singular flow of consciousness. In heaven, your home . . . there are no limitations. You come from and will return to heaven where all is known by all, and your thoughts instantly create your personal reality. This is the flow of creativity, manifesting the existence and perception you desire. If you desire the appearance of a human body, then it is so. If you prefer to express yourself as a being of pure energy, then it is so. There is no limitation or even the existence of time and space. You can observe all in time, forwards and backwards. There are no barriers to obstruct you. In this creative, free forming flow of existence your perception is instantaneously your reality.

This in many ways parallels our human existence, what you think you become; you experience and manifest in your life. This is why it is important to control what you think.

Do not stifle your creative thinking. For this is your inner spirit expressing its Divinity—to be the creator. There is one significant difference. Here many are obscured from the energy and flow of the Divine. As your “awakening” begins, so does the flow of the Divine artistry within. You’ll begin to creatively express and perceive Divine reality within your earthly reality. This is where the true magic of life begins. It only continues to blossom from there—to become the creative creator of your life and the world around you. The inner competition ceases, now unified in the creation of your personal Nirvana.

Mind your thoughts while you mine your creativity.



30 Affirmations for Peace and Love

Inner peace arises when we learn to let go of our inner burdens. Our minds tend to hold onto things, to thoughts, to possessions, to people we love, and to the people and things we hate. Use these simple and powerful affirmations, to extend love and peace into your life. You can chant these affirmations any time of the day, during: yoga, meditation, walking, or in simple contemplation.

Affirmations for Peace:
  1. My mind and body are in harmony — tranquility fills my soul.
  2. Om (pronounced Ooommm) peace, peace, peace.
  3. I am one is with all and all with one.
  4. My breath is slow and relaxed.
  5. I surrender my worries to peace.
  6. Challenges are a gift to help me grow.
  7. I release the past and embrace the present with an open heart.
  8. I am surrounded by peace and harmony.
  9. I extend peace to myself and to all.
  10. I feel joy and peace in this very moment.
  11. Life is beautiful and calm; and so am I.
  12. I am a channel of peace and well-being.
  13. I inhale peace and exhale stress.
  14. I step inside myself, and bring peace and harmony with me.
  15. I am a reservoir of peace and tranquility.
Affirmations for Love:
  1. Take me from darkness to light; from fear to love; take me to the divinity within.
  2. God’s love opens my heart and fills me with love for all.
  3. I give myself permission to love. I give myself permission to be loved.
  4. The light of God encircles me in love and piece.
  5. I surrender my fears to love.
  6. By releasing my past I open the doorway to love in the present
  7. I am willing to give the love I expect from others.
  8. Today I am learning to love myself.
  9. I can say no to another and yes to myself.
  10. I choose love and love chooses me.
  11. Love is unconditional and begins with me.
  12. I respect and validate myself, I am worthy of love.
  13. I am of love. God loves me and so do I.
  14. I give love and receive love freely.
  15. Love comes from within, I am worthy of my love.