Learning How to Pray — With Power

Prayer is a powerful method of bettering one’s life and connecting with the Divine. Through prayer you are empowering the Heavens to bring your desires and needs to fruition. Simply through the act of prayer, you provide tranquility and harmony to your day. Over time, you will develop a personal relationship with those to whom you pray. The mindful thought of prayer has similar effects as meditations. Your thoughts are centered and focused on a singular subject or area. You are mindful and removed from distractions, living in the moment with a singular focus.

Don’t pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.
— Gautama Buddha

Talk to God as you would talk to a friend, for that is what He wishes to be. Pray at any moment of the day or night. While you are taking your morning shower, walking the dog, or washing the dishes are all perfect opportunities for prayer. Don’t limit your prayer times to iconic times of the day such as when you awake or before sleep. When possible, pray out loud. Your voice has power. Let the Heavens hear your voice.
Being unhappy in your present job, being mistreated or simply feeling unfulfilled, are just subject for prayer. If you desire a new car, pray for a new car. God wants you to be happy and have nice things. As long as these things are not directed by the ego as a replacement for God. Your prayers must be ego free and bring no harm to others.

Praying for peace in your life, while continuing to harbor anger in your heart and mind is pointless. Praying for the strength and wisdom to release your heart and mind to overcome anger would be much more effective. Exploring the subject through prayer to find the route of the anger would be equally beneficial.
If for example, you are praying for a new job, don’t simply pray to God for a better job. First, pray for the fortitude and endurance to continue in your present position. Not being overwhelmed by negativity of your present job will ensure you won’t miss any new prospects or avenues as they present themselves. Pray for the insight not to miss the window of opportunity, and for the drive to explore every opportunity as they are presented to you. There is a distinct difference and end result between asking God to do this for you, and for God to empower you with the tools to achieve it for yourself. After all, God helps those who help themselves.

Praying in the Correct Tense

Whatever you are praying for, do so as if it has already been provided to you. From a heavenly perspective, our prayers can easily be confused regarding exactly what we are asking for. For example, if your prayer begins with, “Please can you help me in my quest to find a better job.” From a heavenly perspective, instead of asking for assistance in finding a better job, it could be easily misinterpreted that you are asking for challenges in the pursuit of a new job and therefore that is what you will receive; challenges and obstacles to overcome. In contrast if you begin your prayer with, “Thank you for your assistance in my quest to find a better job,” the results you desire of a new found opportunity will be provided at the appropriate time.
When praying, your words and thoughts are conveyed through energy from you to the heavenly recipients. It’s not always the literal words we are saying but the overall message being communicated. That is why it is essential to pray in the tense that the requested is already going to be done for you. When starting with thank you, it accomplishes two crucial things at once. The form of the request is properly stated as “already being so,” and the necessary gratitude is simultaneously being offered.

A Shortened Excerpt form:
The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior
by Tony R. Zonca



30 Affirmations for Peace and Love

Inner peace arises when we learn to let go of our inner burdens. Our minds tend to hold onto things, to thoughts, to possessions, to people we love, and to the people and things we hate. Use these simple and powerful affirmations, to extend love and peace into your life. You can chant these affirmations any time of the day, during: yoga, meditation, walking, or in simple contemplation.

Affirmations for Peace:
  1. My mind and body are in harmony — tranquility fills my soul.
  2. Om (pronounced Ooommm) peace, peace, peace.
  3. I am one is with all and all with one.
  4. My breath is slow and relaxed.
  5. I surrender my worries to peace.
  6. Challenges are a gift to help me grow.
  7. I release the past and embrace the present with an open heart.
  8. I am surrounded by peace and harmony.
  9. I extend peace to myself and to all.
  10. I feel joy and peace in this very moment.
  11. Life is beautiful and calm; and so am I.
  12. I am a channel of peace and well-being.
  13. I inhale peace and exhale stress.
  14. I step inside myself, and bring peace and harmony with me.
  15. I am a reservoir of peace and tranquility.
Affirmations for Love:
  1. Take me from darkness to light; from fear to love; take me to the divinity within.
  2. God’s love opens my heart and fills me with love for all.
  3. I give myself permission to love. I give myself permission to be loved.
  4. The light of God encircles me in love and piece.
  5. I surrender my fears to love.
  6. By releasing my past I open the doorway to love in the present
  7. I am willing to give the love I expect from others.
  8. Today I am learning to love myself.
  9. I can say no to another and yes to myself.
  10. I choose love and love chooses me.
  11. Love is unconditional and begins with me.
  12. I respect and validate myself, I am worthy of love.
  13. I am of love. God loves me and so do I.
  14. I give love and receive love freely.
  15. Love comes from within, I am worthy of my love.


Calling All Peaceful Warriors…

If your world, our world seems turned upside down; if the life you knew, we all knew feels like a distant memory, then have faith and rest assured—there is a reason and a point to it all. Times of great change first create great upheaval. Life on this planet is undergoing a spiritual course direction. A kinder, fully inclusive, loving path for all of our brothers and sisters is to come. This is the Divine’s desire, Jesus’ desire, and my desire. I am calling out for millions of peaceful warriors to join me in my quest. The next age of a New Age has begun, and there is a Spiritual Renaissance to come!

Tony R. offers SOUL-utions to lovingly support you in your journey. The goal, the mission is to empower all on their pathway to enlightenment, to living in the light of God, and becoming a peaceful warrior. He is here for you, to extend a helping hand, to empower all to find the peace, joy and love that God wishes for you. Join me, join Him, and discover your higher purpose, your Divine purpose. Together we can make the world a better place.

Love, Light & Peace always,
Tony R. Zonca