Meditation for A monkey Mind

While sharing brunch with another couple, and the gentleman made a Buddha reference when he said that he can’t meditate because he has a monkey mind. This term references one’s inability to quiet their thoughts when meditating because their mind jumps around from one thought to another like a monkey in the jungle, leaping from branch to branch and tree to tree. Some people believe they can’t meditate because they have difficulty quieting their mind. This is simply untrue. With patience, persistence, and the right approach, everyone can experience the benefits of being mindful through meditation.

When you go into the space of nothingness, everything becomes known.
— Gautama Buddha

The ego has the ability to create false thoughts—the inner chatter we hear most often. Many people approach meditation by clearing their mind and stopping their thoughts. Instead, you can simply practice focusing your attention on one thing, and when your mind wanders, refocus and continue. When thoughts or feelings arise, stay with them for a moment, honor them, release them, and return to your mindful focus. This appeases the ego’s need to be included without letting it become overly disruptive. Over time, these “interruptions” will decrease and fade away.

Start Off Slow

If you find those random thoughts are getting in the way and making it difficult to focus during your meditation, then don’t take on too much at once. Use a mantra or visualization technique to occupy and focus your thoughts. Also, limit the amount of time you meditate to ten minutes per session. This will greatly increase your success rate. The longer you meditate, the more likely it is that your focus will drift or jump around like that monkey. Do the ten-minute routine for two weeks straight. You’ll see how it increases your results. Don’t rush it; when you’re ready, increase the dedicated time by five minutes. With a little patience, you will get to where you want to be. After all, on the first day of training for a marathon, you wouldn’t begin by running a marathon. You would start out slowly by perhaps running a mile or so and building up your stamina from there.

Do a Mental Jettison

Here is an approach that can make a significant difference and also trick the ego into feeling included—journaling. Prior to meditating, grab a notebook and a pen or pencil. Write down every random thought that comes to mind. Release your stream of consciousness prior to meditating. Don’t concern yourself with making sentences, spelling correctly, or even if it truly makes any sense. Just jot it all down. When your mental jettison is complete, write one last thing: “We are done. We are ready to meditate.” We represents the inclusion of you and the ego. In the process of journaling, you will tire out the ego and all of its distractive chatter.

Excerpt form:
The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior
by Tony R. Zonca


30 Affirmations for Peace and Love

Inner peace arises when we learn to let go of our inner burdens. Our minds tend to hold onto things, to thoughts, to possessions, to people we love, and to the people and things we hate. Use these simple and powerful affirmations, to extend love and peace into your life. You can chant these affirmations any time of the day, during: yoga, meditation, walking, or in simple contemplation.

Affirmations for Peace:
  1. My mind and body are in harmony — tranquility fills my soul.
  2. Om (pronounced Ooommm) peace, peace, peace.
  3. I am one is with all and all with one.
  4. My breath is slow and relaxed.
  5. I surrender my worries to peace.
  6. Challenges are a gift to help me grow.
  7. I release the past and embrace the present with an open heart.
  8. I am surrounded by peace and harmony.
  9. I extend peace to myself and to all.
  10. I feel joy and peace in this very moment.
  11. Life is beautiful and calm; and so am I.
  12. I am a channel of peace and well-being.
  13. I inhale peace and exhale stress.
  14. I step inside myself, and bring peace and harmony with me.
  15. I am a reservoir of peace and tranquility.
Affirmations for Love:
  1. Take me from darkness to light; from fear to love; take me to the divinity within.
  2. God’s love opens my heart and fills me with love for all.
  3. I give myself permission to love. I give myself permission to be loved.
  4. The light of God encircles me in love and piece.
  5. I surrender my fears to love.
  6. By releasing my past I open the doorway to love in the present
  7. I am willing to give the love I expect from others.
  8. Today I am learning to love myself.
  9. I can say no to another and yes to myself.
  10. I choose love and love chooses me.
  11. Love is unconditional and begins with me.
  12. I respect and validate myself, I am worthy of love.
  13. I am of love. God loves me and so do I.
  14. I give love and receive love freely.
  15. Love comes from within, I am worthy of my love.

No Worries, No Fears

So many people spend a majority of their existence being consumed by worry. They spend their days continually under the pressure of fret caused by the ego, which makes nervousness, anxiety, and stress a way of life. Like anger and hatred, the root source of worry is fear. So what are we and, more importantly, the ego afraid of? The simple answer is death. But that is not the only question one should ask. Also, what forms of death does the ego fear the most? The most obvious is the loss of life, or one’s physical death. Second, there is the death, or end, of a relationship that may leave one all alone. Third, there is financial death, or ruin, leading to economic devastation that could plummet one into poverty.

Frequently, we worry about making the right decision. What is the correct option? Should I stay in a dissatisfying relationship that makes me unhappy? But I don’t want to be alone. Should I leave and give myself the opportunity to find happiness? But then, will I be lonely? Should I leave the job that is presently unfulfilling but gives me security? Should I take the new job? I will be happier, and it has better benefits. But what if that job doesn’t work out, and I get fired? For many, it is easier to remain in a state of unhappiness rather than reach outside of their comfort zone to face the unknown. For them, the problem lies in the fact that the state of unhappiness becomes the safe and familiar way of existence. Yes, they want to be happy. But their fear of the unknown is greater than their desire for happiness. Some can even get so tangled up in worry and fear that even the simplest decision can become overwhelming and troublesome. The needed self-confidence and courage is lacking because of a diminished or loss of unconditional love for one’s self.

Our old nemesis, the ego, is the one who carries and projects these fears upon us. Since the ego’s only desire is power and control, the idea that seeking the unknown could uplift one terrifies the ego. Seeking the unknown requires some level of a leap of faith. We know the ego is incapable of emotions, such as love and faith, as we are. That is why death, in all of its forms, scares the ego so greatly. When our body dies, we return to our true home, and the body ceases to exist. When there is a death or the end of a relationship, the ego doesn’t possess the unconditional love of self that we receive from our guides and God. While the ego is scared to be alone, we are never truly alone. The ego cannot imagine financial death or failure because it lacks the faith that is bestowed upon us from the Divine. It can’t recognize the universal truth: with faith and a connection to the Divine, we will never truly fall.

Excerpt form:
The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior
by Tony R. Zonca

Calling All Peaceful Warriors…

If your world, our world seems turned upside down; if the life you knew, we all knew feels like a distant memory, then have faith and rest assured—there is a reason and a point to it all. Times of great change first create great upheaval. Life on this planet is undergoing a spiritual course direction. A kinder, fully inclusive, loving path for all of our brothers and sisters is to come. This is the Divine’s desire, Jesus’ desire, and my desire. I am calling out for millions of peaceful warriors to join me in my quest. The next age of a New Age has begun, and there is a Spiritual Renaissance to come!

Tony R. offers SOUL-utions to lovingly support you in your journey. The goal, the mission is to empower all on their pathway to enlightenment, to living in the light of God, and becoming a peaceful warrior. He is here for you, to extend a helping hand, to empower all to find the peace, joy and love that God wishes for you. Join me, join Him, and discover your higher purpose, your Divine purpose. Together we can make the world a better place.

Love, Light & Peace always,
Tony R. Zonca