“Tony’s impactful, candid, true life story will draw you in! His poignant spiritual lessons and revelations will open your heart, mind, and spirit. Jesus’ Divine messages received are timely, timeless, and profoundly life changing.” — Brennan L. McKinzer

The Journey of Truth:
Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior

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Anyone who desires a greater sense of joy, peace, and harmony; anyone who has ever questioned who they truly are, why they are here, and what is their Divine purpose—will want to read this book.

The Journey of Truth is a Divinely guided true story. You are invited to grow and learn with Ray as you travel with him through the turning points of life. His near death experience as a boy sets the stage for the journey to come. As a young man Ray struggled with drug addiction and despair, thus becoming the catalyst for his desperate cry for help. A moment of truth that would change everything. It delivered him to the love of his life, his spiritual awakening and newfound faith—and in time, visitations from Jesus which he is now directed to share with the entire world.

This riveting and inspiring story reflects Tony’s life and personal spiritual journey. It is not written as a memoir; it is written in the third person and the character’s name is Ray. It can best be described as a unique narrative which has the feeling of a parable. Following each chapter, there is a concise overview and an adjoining exercise designed to integrate the lessons learned into your everyday life.

About the Author:

The truth be known, Tony R. is dyslexic. He considers overcoming the challenges of dyslexia a personal victory by becoming an author. Tony shares, “We are truly only limited by the limitations we place upon ourselves.”

“This is my journey, one that I could not ignore or deny. Every moment of my life has brought me to this very moment—introducing you to myself, my story, and my message, His message, to you.”
– Tony R. Zonca

“The personalized stories of his life throughout the book from a young child through adulthood were fascinating and informative, and helped me to better understand his journey to becoming a “Peaceful Warrior.” I found the overview and step by step exercises at the end of each chapter to be quite beneficial…

“I would recommend this book for anyone yearning for a more spiritual path in life and how to accomplish a stronger sense of meditation and peace in their busy lives.”

– Lind L., reader purchased from Balboa Press

“There are a lot of topics to digest… Of them, the ones that most spoke to me were the ideas of reincarnation and destiny. I read Tony’s book at a time that I was pondering a career change and shortly before the loss of a loved one. Tony’s book gave me solace in her passing and even in coming to terms with my own mortality. Likewise, his story helped give me the courage to follow my career in the direction that my heart and mind were pulling me.

“Tony’s story is uplifting and encouraging. For anyone who has ever struggled in their life (isn’t that everyone?), it can provide a roadmap to healing and growing. It can be used as a guide to navigating your thoughts, feelings, spirituality, finding one’s way, mediation and so much more. I think anyone who reads it will take away something positive that they connect with and will come away feeling more motivated in finding their own “journey of truth”.

“The Journey of Truth: Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior is a book to keep on your desk or bedside to refer back to as often as needed.”

– Jessica S., reader purchased from Amazon

“The book combines a holistic and rational view of all that is common in seemingly disparate world religions. This serves as the basis for a lifelong spiritual journey that unleashes the mind to the possibilities of our spirit guides and angels. Lessons learned from the author’s spiritual journey are combined with advice on achieving a state of meditation and the possibility of one’s own spiritual journey. A great read.”

– David Z., reader purchased from Amazon

I found this book one of the best I read in 2020. So needed and vital for our times. It inspired me and motivated me. It made me really think about life, our role in this life and the universe, who I am and who I want to be. It is a very delicate balance and blending between the spiritual, religion, metaphysical and new age belief systems and principles. Through the story of Ray’s journey, we travel… learn… grow… and implement the learning received with him. Better your life and soul — implement his journey into your journey.

– Michael R., reader purchased from Barnes & Noble

The author’s exhilarating experience with Jesus and reincarnation prompted him to share his message with the world. Love and “Forever”…both exist! I particularly enjoyed his spiritual journey as he shared his reconciliation of Buddhism, Christianity, reincarnation and new age thought! I appreciate his effort to expand the awareness of his readers. I loved Tony’s openness and understanding that our only purpose, truly is LOVE! Enlightening and easy reading.

David B., reader purchased from Amazon

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